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Dalbin Haji OSMAN I'm here to offer you the most suitable solutions for your real estate needs.

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  The awesome project is now with you providing an escape from the complexity of city. Here, you will leave behind all the problems of the city to live freely . An unique life that you will enjoy watching the blue of the sea in the sunset among the olive trees which is an opportunity of a very few elite people can have. This place where the green valley meets the sea and where you are going to live your beach life dream in a 4 seasons holiday joy, is in the heart of very privileged area of Mudanya.Founded in the vast expanse of greenery, the project consists of 10250 sqm including 72 units with different alternatives such as 3+1, 4+1.

  The project will be beneficial for your health and soul with the oxygene-rich air of the forest at the back, the smell of seaweed rising from the sea skirts along on the front and will help you to explore yourself again. 

  All areas are cleverly used as the project offers a life intertwined with nature at every turn. The location will also add value to raise the quality of life of the residents; You will experience the taste of the four season resorts. The project is designed with an approach that aims to revive the traditional neighbourly relations. When using the advantages of living in the city center, completely detached, you will have a confort. 

  The project provides a confortable access to very crucial points, 15 minutes to Bursa and 7 minutes to Bademli. Istanbul is right near you with the easy access to the sea.

Let Us Call You Back!


As a Pdr we provide services to our customers, starting from the moment you contact with us until the Land Registry. Our services is also including free airport pick up, accommodation, viewing trips, after sales services and special representative.Through professional working and services we provide specialist advice before buying and help customers to buy the convenient property for them. We provide rental property services ,the customers shall be provided in resale and all the legal services they need.