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Dalbin Haji OSMAN I'm here to offer you the most suitable solutions for your real estate needs.

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   PDR-35 has again launched a unique project named PDR-35. Imagine a life in a project that contains more than you need This unique project offers you to enjoy of a modern life within the nature by the concept of residence, lake and forest. With the slogan "do you think going to the neighbour by swimming?"PDR-35 opens the door of a different life.

   PDR-35 provides the opportunity to create your own living space with different size of flat options like 1 +1, 2 +1, 3 +1, 4 +1 and 5 +1 with terrace Penthouse apartments and lots of oscial opportunuties .This project is a profitabe choice for both usage of residency and investment.

Let Us Call You Back!


As a Pdr we provide services to our customers, starting from the moment you contact with us until the Land Registry. Our services is also including free airport pick up, accommodation, viewing trips, after sales services and special representative.Through professional working and services we provide specialist advice before buying and help customers to buy the convenient property for them. We provide rental property services ,the customers shall be provided in resale and all the legal services they need.