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The features of the site of the project offers you the chance to live the luxury and comfortable life. It is just a 35 minutes from the famous Taksim Square. If you said that you visited Turkey before, you must have been go to ?stiklal Caddesi (Independence Avenue) or Taksim Square in Istanbul. And if you have not yet visited this street we recommend you visit. It is one of the best and most famous tourist sites in Istanbul and Turkey in general.

Where this street is characterized by a long history and you can imagine how important the Taksim area of Istanbul, as the number of visitors to this region nearly 3 million people on a daily basis. In addition, it contains many hotels and a various shopping centers in the famous Independence Avenue, which will make your lifes to be more awesome.

In addition, the characteristic of the project site that close to the main roads and transportation in the region, such as E5 Highway, which is one of the most important main roads in the city of Istanbul. This allows you move easily in the city away from the Traffic.

This project is also close to public transport, it is located just 5 minutes from the famous Metrobus station which is one of the fastest types of transportation in the city where you can go to anywhere you want without worrying about traffic. So it provides you and your family easily move in the city without restrictions, which facilitates your life and the life of your family.

The project is also close to the International Ataturk Airport, where you can travel easily and move without worrying about traffic or concern about missing your scheduled flight. It is enough for you to plan to book your ticket without fear of delay to your flight.

Because this project close to airport less than 30 minutes and you can use several options to get to the airport for example: using your car or taxi or even public transport and thus saving you time and effort.

And if you one of shopping lovers and if you are looking for international brands and the highest quality of goods and products, the PDR-028 is the solution. It is located in a privileged area filled with shopping centers with the famous high-quality goods and multiple different products, that will satisfy all tastes and suitable for you and your family.

So you will not need to go anywhere else, all your needs are accessible to your hands. Where there is the most famous shopping centers in Turkey and Istanbul in particular, namely the Marmara Park Mall and Torium Mall.

Marmara Park Mall was opened in 2012, which is Turkey’s first galaxy themed shopping mall with investment volume about 220 million Euros. This concept of the Shopping Mall reveals itself in the design as well and offers a brand new shopping galaxy to its visitors with more than 200 shops and 4000 car capacity parking.

It is also contain Cinema, Playland Bringing a different dimension to shopping with its architectural design and various different and enjoyable types of planned activities.

Torium Shopping Center (Torium AVM) is located on the E-5 Highway between Beylikduzu and Avcilar, the two rising centers of Istanbul. Torium AVM welcomes millions of visitors with its largeness, variety and quality of services. Also attracting great interest from abroad, Torium AVM is a center offering shopping, entertainment, good taste, cinema and activities all together. In Torium, where 180 stores with select brands are located.

One of the most important features that make Torium different is the importance placed on entertainment. Thirty percent of the total rentable area is allocated for entertainment. There are pleasant fun activities offered to visitors in all ages in areas like Snowpark.

So the whole shopping malls provide you access to everything you need and also provide fun for your children shopping with friends. With PDR-028 project, you and your family will live life in all its moments and make you save a lot of memories and unforgettable moments.

The PDR-028 project, did not forget your medical needs. The place of project has been chosen carefully to provides you with all your needs, we also would not forget a sight of the medical side, the project is located near several hospitals and medical centers such as: Esenyurt Government Hospital. Where you can take the advantages of the medical services you need and access to medicines from pharmacies that surround the hospitals.

Thus, with the PDR-028 project, you got to the house of your dreams in the integrated project with all its services that provides to you and specifically designed for your service.

Do you want to experience an unusual difference in a place like a poetry where the continents meet? Do not miss the opportunity and get your place in this wonderful world.

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As a Pdr we provide services to our customers, starting from the moment you contact with us until the Land Registry. Our services is also including free airport pick up, accommodation, viewing trips, after sales services and special representative.Through professional working and services we provide specialist advice before buying and help customers to buy the convenient property for them. We provide rental property services ,the customers shall be provided in resale and all the legal services they need.