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Dalbin Haji OSMAN I'm here to offer you the most suitable solutions for your real estate needs.

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  BAŞAK ŞEHİR, where the Health Urban, 3rd Airport, universities and Shopping Malls have been established, is gaining value as the fastest growing up region in İstanbul. PDR-024 is the Project of PDR-024 who writes its name to the successful projects in this region. This Project combines housing, residence Shopping mall and bazaars within a single concept. A new modern city is being built in the city by PDR-024 , established in an area more than 5.000 m2 with 232 units in the blocks 12 and 18 floored.

  PDR-024 is an excellent Project through and through with its nature and social activities that your children shall go to school by walking , experience neighboorhood life within İstanbul . Let’s implicate you in this heartfelt environment.

Let Us Call You Back!


As a Pdr we provide services to our customers, starting from the moment you contact with us until the Land Registry. Our services is also including free airport pick up, accommodation, viewing trips, after sales services and special representative.Through professional working and services we provide specialist advice before buying and help customers to buy the convenient property for them. We provide rental property services ,the customers shall be provided in resale and all the legal services they need.