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About Turkey


  Many people, especially outside of Europe, aren’t familiar with Turkey. Yet, Turkey has parallels to American history and some events unique to it’s own.  In this article, we take a look at where Turkey has come from, who lives there, the climate and other general facts about it.

Turkey is surrounded by the Middle Georgia, Armenia and Iran, from the west by Bulgaria and from the south by Syria and Iraq. Turkey extends over a large area (783,562.38 km2), 3% of this area located in the European party and this section is called (Trakia), and contains Istanbul city. The largest section is located on the Asian side, which is called Anatolia, and includes major cities such as (Ankara, the capital - Izmir - Adana - Bursa - Gaziantep). And separates the Asian and European sections each of the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles Strait and the Sea of Marmara. Also its location within the line of the temperate climate and its extension to several regions makes it possible to enjoy the atmosphere of the four seasons simultaneously.

  Turkey is a democratic republic with a parliamentary system, the Medias has an important role in the dissemination of facts via enacted law that allows freedom of opinion and expression. The pace of development and reforms has accelerated during the past ten years, where Turkey has seen a radical shift in different aspects of life, like transport, services, construction, and government transactions which became smooth. Thanks to this development, Turkey attracts more people from around the world for tourism, study or treatment. And observed in the past years, the increasing number of arrivals to Turkey in order to live and work. Because of the atmosphere stability, cultural diversity and natural beauty have made Turkey a distinctive place to live in. Most of the new residents come from countries of the European Union and the United States and some Arab countries.

Investment guide to Turkey

  Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. If you are a real estate investor, you may not want to miss the chance to be part of this economic giant and transcontinental country. High economic eexpansion, millions of tourist per year visiting the country and an investment environment that is friendly and viable are some of the key points to look at in Turkey.

Accommodation in Turkey

  Turkey offers unlimited alternatives for accommodation; you can live in the countryside or tourist villages and enjoy the stable rural life, quiet and picturesque nature, or housing in big cities and enjoy the pleasure of modern life. And anyone coming from another country can buy or rent real estate without any restrictions. Most of the projects and existing development processes in the housing sector in Turkey provide all the requirements of modern life in the dwelling, like parking, playgrounds, green spaces, shopping complexes pools and other amenities.


  Transportation options in cities, especially major cities are multiple; they are equipped with extensive networks of metro rail and tram.There are also municipalities buses located everywhere and private buses and taxi cars that can be distinguished by their yellow color. There are many travel agencies that provide flights between Turkish cities no matter how far, benefiting from modern road network that is available in the country. In coastal cities like Istanbul, Bursa and Izmir it’s possible to navigate by ferry, which is a practical option for travelers and cover great distances. Turkey has more than 50 airports, mostly in big cities, which provide local and high-quality international air transport. Turkish Airlines is the leader in air transport in the country, in addition to many private companies.

Food & Drink

  Turkish cuisine is universally acclaimed and characterized by rich and fatty dishes like Kebab, Alexander, appetizers, and other. And can be savoring the Turkish meals in restaurants scattered in abundance in most cities. There are, fast-food restaurants, self-service restaurants, and luxury restaurants, which continue to provide service to later times. Every Turkish city is specialized and known by a specific meal. .And do not forget the flavor of Turkish coffee, which entered Europe for the first time in the sixteenth century, and especially if been taken with the Turkish Malban.

Study in Turkey

  Turkey's education system has undergone radical reforms in the past decade, where the number of years of compulsory education has become 8 years, and the number of public schools was increased and the quality of education was improved. In Turkey there are many private schools and foreign schools and schools that provide education services in different languages such as English, German, French, Arabic and others. For higher education, Turkey provides opportunities for foreign students to study and gain experience from different universities around the world. And there are more than 170 public and private universities in Turkey, 6 of them have been classified with the best 500 universities in the world. .Most universities fitted with modern and advanced teaching methods and student housing is available and affordable. Studying in Turkey is less expensive than studying in European countries and United States in terms of payments and living.


  Turkey has become an important financial center containing several local and international banks that offer high quality services to its customers. Turkish banks system is safe, flexible, and depends largely on technology in its services. And the banking system in Turkey has become an example for the global banking system in terms of operating and providing funding for all types of projects. Some of international banks operating in Turkey (Fortis and HSBC), and there are banks with branches in Europe, such as (AKBank and Garanti Bank) and Islamic banks such as Kuwait Turkish Bank (Kuveyt Türk), and Al Baraka Bank (Albaraka Türk).

Health services in Turkey

  This sector witnessed a remarkable development, especially through the continued attention and support by the Turkish government, where there are many high-level government and private hospitals in Turkey which provide high-quality health services and in accordance with international standards. .Turkey has become a preferred destination for travelers coming for treatment from European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England, the Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria and others, in addition to the countries of the Middle East and Arab countries. Most hospitals contain doctors speaking different languages or providing translation service during the treatment period by specialized cadres in this field.

Tourism and recreation in Turkey

  No limits for cultural and recreational activities available in Turkey, especially in the big cities, where you can attend concerts and opera or cinemas and many cultural activities and local festivals that are organized. You shall also visit other cities and practice ski on snow in mountainous areas, or to go to the sea in temperate coastal areas and enjoy swimming. .And if you are interested in the historical effects, you shall visit many of the museums and archaeological sites scattered on Turkish territory.

  Turkey is a painting containing a combination of colors that are not necessary to be consistent, but once you see this painting you feel a strange satisfaction. A country that you feel that you already know, here you will not feel alienated, you will have a feeling that you did not leave the neighborhood in which you live, and notes easy to communicate with people despite the language difference between you and them. You will notice the mixture between the building and picturesque nature moreover the mixture between what is old with history’s fragrance and what is modern. It’s Turkey, the colorful country and each color has a different kind of beauty.


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